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Welcome to Odyssey registration

Welcome to the Odyssey project! This is the place to be a mentee, a mentor and meet Toastmasters from all over the world.

We invite you to a fantastic journey. A journey full of new acquaintances, new locations and unexpected meetings with your fellow peers from Toastmasters.

A journey where you will discover new potential & new strength as a mentor or a mentee. A journey in search for a better self. In search for amazing friends.

In this journey you may face challenges & overcome fears, find opportunities & unfold new abilities like Odysseus did in his travel. This journey will last as long as you want. And there is no better time to start it, than NOW.

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Please read Odyssey project's rules before you move forward.

I. Information:

  1. When registering to the Odyssey platform the user will provide real information about her/himself.
  2. The personal information provided by the user will be used only within the Odyssey platform and by the Odyssey platform managers on the purpose of creating the mentor-mentee relation and the one to one networking relation. The information consisting of the name, email address, city, Toastmasters club, skills to work on, hobbies and fun facts shared will be visible for other user of the pair, after matching.
  3. The user data can be removed from the platform when the user asks so.
  4. After data removal the user can no longer use the platform unless he/she re-submits the data.

II. Rules of conduct

  1. After registering to the platform, the user will receive within a period of up to 1 month (provided a suitable pair is in the platform) the contact info of his/her pair (mentor/mentee/networking pair).
  2. The pair(s) will have up to 3 weeks to meet at least once.
  3. A mentee will get one mentor at a matching round.
  4. A mentor will get up to 3 mentees at a matching round.
  5. Both pair members of a mentoring or networking pair should provide feedback for their partner.
  6. The mentoring pair should decide if they want to continue the mentoring relation. The decision is sent individually, by each of the pair members to the platform manager.
  7. The networking pair members will receive each a new pair at the following matching round.
  8. Only by providing feedback at the current round, the user can participate to the next round. The user can continue in the next round even if the meeting did not take place, but the reasons were documented in the feedback form.
  9. New matching rounds start at 4-weeks interval.
  10. The user preferences can be modified at any time, but they take effect at the next round.
  11. The Facebook group is meant only for postings relating to the group description.

I have read the rules above and I agree with them

Basic data about You

Your name:

Your birthday:

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Your Facebook, LinkedIn or personal page, if you have one:

Where do you live?

Your phone (WhatsApp) number:

Your phone will be used to send you urgent messages, e.g. if you have forgot to send your feedback and the deadline is approaching.

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Are you currently a Toastmasters member?

Yes No, but I have been No

Which Club/Clubs are you a member of?

The clubs you selected:

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What is your experience in Toastmasters?

I am a new Toastmasters member (had no or few projects done but no educational award) I have one or more educational awards (CC, CL, ..., L1, L2, ...) I am DTM

What are your educational awards?

Path 1
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Path 2
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5

How did you find out about Odyssey:

Please choose the types of program you want to participate in

I want to be a mentor and find mentees through Odyssey
I want to be a mentee and find a mentor through Odyssey
I want to network with other Toastmasters/Odyssey participants

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In which language(s) are you willing and able to talk to your Odyssey peers?

If you know more languages, please mark them all to increase your chances to find suitable pairs

When can you meet?

The larger the interval the better the matching.

During weekdays (Monday to Friday):
• From
During weekend (Saturday and Sunday):
• From

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Your Skills as a Mentor

Please select the skills that you have and can teach your future mentees. Mentor-mentee matching is based mostly on matching skills.

Communication Skills


Leadership Skills


TM Officers


SW Platforms


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Your desired Skills as a Mentee

Please select the skills that you would like your mentor to have so they can teach you. Mentor-mentee matching is based mostly on matching skills.

Communication Skills


Leadership Skills


TM Officers


SW Platforms


Please answer the following questions:

What is the main goal you want to achieve in Odyssey?

What are your personal values (top 3)?

What is your last achievement (in or outside Toastmasters)?

If you could be mentored by anybody in the world, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?

What would you be willing to give up to achieve your goals?

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Your Networking profile

Please let us know how to choose your network pair

In person, I can meet in/around this city:

Please tell about yourself

Please be aware that the information you provide here will be shared with your networking partners.

Tell us an interesting fact about you:

What are you good at?

What can you help other people with?

What is your favorite hobby?

What makes you interested in being a Networking Program Member?

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So you want to quit Odyssey? Continuing this submission will make you inactive, but you can always rejoin Odyssey by editing your data and selecting at least one of mentor/mentee/network.

However, if you want your data completely removed from Odyssey, please contact our team at  

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